Colorado Pine

As former owners of this car we are keeping this page for the information it contains and as a reference. The information on these pages reflect the car's configuration and livery at the time of the sale. We bought the car in 1989 and sold it in 2012.

We used to own the Pullman sleeper "Colorado Pine", ex Louisville & Nashville (L&N) "Plantation Pine". The Pine series sleepers were built in 1953 to plan 4183. The car is configured with 6 Open Sections, 4 Double Bedrooms and 6 Roomettes. The car is equipped with a full service galley, shower and an AM/FM/XM entertainment system with CD changer.

The car would comfortably transport 12 persons in classic 1950's style luxury, with 8 persons in double bedrooms and 4 persons in single accomodation roomettes. The Open Sections double as the lounge and dining room for your journey with booth style seating for four in each section.

When the car is run in combination with another car that provides dining and lounge services; then the car could be configured as a full sleeper. In this mode the car can sleep up to 24 persons.

Follow this link to view the floor plan of the Colorado Pine.

Here is a link to a 3 1/2 minute MP4 movie of the Colorado Pine.
NOTE:This is a 27MB file and can take a while to download before your browser begins to play.

Should you have any photographs of this car in L&N revenue service, could you please send us a copy?

So you think that you might wish to purchase a classic railroad car and become the modern version of Lucius Beebe and Charles Clegg or James West and Artimus Gordon? You might want to have a look at the story of the restoration of the "Colorado Pine". It's sometimes a whole lot of work. But, I thought that people who restore old Buicks were abnormal.

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