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Welcome to my personal home page.

With all the interest in Camper Van Conversions and Van Life I thought I'd share my van conversion efforts of my 2019 Ford Transit van.

Former owner of Pullman sleeper " Colorado Pine", ex L&N "Plantation Pine". The Pine series sleepers are configured with 6 Sections, 4 Double Bedrooms and 6 Roomettes and were built in 1953 to plan 4183.

Should you have any photographs of this car in L&N revenue service, could you please send me a copy?

If you're wondering how I paid for this rail car activity, I program computers to provide the income for this work. I'm always looking for work opportunities. So, if you have an opportunity, I have a resume in PDF format. Or if you prefer a resume in Word format.

One of my interests has been the development of compilers. To that end, I've been porting GCC compilers to support the IBM 370/390 architecture. I've placed the source and pre-compiled versions on my server and may be accessed via my GCC Web Page.

For you retrocomputing fans: I've a link to my IBM 7090 page that has links for a cross assembler and linker, written by me, and a simulator, written by Paul Pierce, that has been mostly rewritten, by me, to load my assembler object files and extended to run IBSYS and CTSS. I have a TI 990 page that has links for a cross assembler, linker and simulator, that I have written. A TI 980 page that has links for a cross assembler, linker and simulator, that I have written. And, I have a link to a FOCAL interpreter that I've written. The above cross assembers and Focal use an expression parser that is generated by an SLR(1) parser generator called Chat.

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