David Pitts' GCC Compiler Page

This site has source and pre-built versions of GCC compiler for the IBM z/OS Unix Systems Services (USS), OpenEdition, environment. The latest compiler was compiled under z/OS USS 1.1.

Note: This is NOT a production quality compiler and currently does not support C++.

The GCC pre-compiled binaries include the following executables:

The assembler and linker (as and ld commands) do not require IBM's C package be installed as in previous versions.

For gawk and bash pre-compiled binaries see below.

The GCC compiler has the latest bug fixes and enhancements.

The 2006/05/02 version is the 3.2.3 version and contains several fixes.

The 2002/12/11 version is the 3.2 version and contains many fixes. It fixes the fatal error message problem and the build doesn't run the fixinclude and the libgcc build, neither are needed on OS/390 USS. Adds support to work under z/OS. Also, there are now three forms of the MVS (traditional TSO/Batch) backends. The backends are:

To get the DIGNUS runtime environment you need to contact Dignus at www.dignus.com and get their Hobbyist License. The supported version is 1.6.0. All of the Dignus versions will support MVS 3.8.

Note: IBM's HLASM needs to have PTF UQ43481 applied to correctly support long alias names in XOBJECT format.

The 2000/03/20 version contains enhancements to put branch tables, for case statements, into the data segment, include file changes for V2.8 and the assembler defaults to long name output, as the "ar" utility now supports this mode.

The 1999/11/03 version contains Linas Vepstas' branch logic enhancements and Machine Description fixes. Also, the C preprocessor handles IBM's wierd line continuation, a backslash followed by spaces and then a newline character.

If you are having problems with the installation of the compiler, here are some instructions.

For those who need a version to run under the traditional MVS/Batch environment (MVS 3.8, MVS/XA and OS/390) you can look here: http://gccmvs.sourceforge.net

I've also compiled GNU awk, gawk, version 3.1.6 and GNU Bash, version 2.03 for the IBM z/OS Unix Systems Services (USS), OpenEdition, environment. These binaries are in this gawk-3.1.6.bin.Z archive file.

For MVS 3.8J I've adapted the sub command, using the netcat program, to get and put files, in either text or binary mode. The tools to perform these operations are in mvsgetput.tar.gz

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