IBM 7090 console

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Welcome to Dave Pitts' IBM 7090 web page. The above picture is the console of the IBM 7090 that I worked on in the Department of Physics at Indiana State University. Due to space considerations the data channel consoles were bolted to the top of the main console. We used the system in conjunction with a Digital PDP-8/I to operate laboratory instrumentation.

The original asm7090 was written in Fortran, by Phil Norisez and I, and ran on ISU's IBM 360/50. When we first got the 7090, government surplus (from the David Taylor Model Basin), all we had, in the way of peripherals, was the card reader and the printer. Later, we got the tape drives, 729 mod VI, and that allowed us to run IBSYS. The tape drives were donated by Columbia Records with an entire IBM 7074 system which was cannibalized for parts.

In seeing some of the retrocomputing effort on behalf of the IBM 7090 I've got some links that may be of interest:

Here are some packages for other IBM 7000 architectures:

If you have any IBM 7070 or 7080 code or have programmed on these systems; please drop me a note. I'm looking for programs to test the assemblers.

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